Thirty Deputies Away

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EFE among them, all of the Plural left, ERC, Amaiur, and BNG, as well as Socialist Deputy Isabel Lopez and Chamosa. The full Chamber vote Wednesday partial amendments to the General State budget for 2013. The PSOE, which supports the convening, not nondiscrimination unemployment as a parliamentary group because he believes that they should not be representatives of the legislative. GRAPHIC: General strikes in democracy. Thirty deputies away from the plenary of this Wednesday, November 14, at the Congress in support of the general strike, including all of the Plural left, ERC, Amaiur BNG, and as well as Socialist Deputy Isabel Lopez Chamosa, which also supported the general strike of 29 March. The plenary session of the lower House debate and vote Wednesday partial amendments to the General State budget by 2013, which will go to the Senate to continue its parliamentary passage.

Since the Plural left, its spokesman Jose Luis Centella, has announced that the eleven members of the group added together is to the stoppages will be where they believe that they should be, that is in the street with the workers. CENTELLA has lamented being the exception and has accused the rest of parliamentarians become a picket anti-strike to attend the plenary session. The PSOE, which supports the convening, not nondiscrimination unemployment as parliamentary group because he understands that members are representatives of a State, the legislature, power and should not do strike. His spokeswoman, Soraya Rodriguez, has also recalled Wednesday culminates the budget debate in Congress and that the Socialists must be in the Chamber to defend their proposals against public accounts. However, and as symbolic gesture in support of workers who Yes seconded the strike, the Socialists, like the members of the Plural left, will donate his salary to a humanitarian organization. The President of the Congress, Jesus Posada, respects the decision of those members who do not attend plenary, something to what you have every right as a form of doing politics has said and hoped that the session expires with absolute normality.

On the other hand, the Minister of education, Jose Ignacio Wert, has qualified of incomprehensible the general strikes and has opined that the right to strike not attends deputies, which has led criticism of the political groups which seconded the stoppages. Minimum services in the lower House as soon as the workers and officials of the Congress, the Secretariat of the lower House has dictated a minimum service of 23%, a figure somewhat higher than those fixed in the previous general strike. The minimum services to meet essential tasks affect ushers, stenographers, drivers and technical and administrative staff in total about 120 workers of the more than 500 who compose the staff of the Chamber. In the order of Congress laying down concrete posts that should provide minimum services during the day of unemployment, as a conductor at the service of the President, Jesus Posada, or an usher per shift for meet your law firm. The Senate has also established minimum services which affect 84 of 335 people who work in the Chamber, which represents 25,07% total, on a day which is celebrated full and a meeting of top management of the Committee on agriculture. The day of strike also coincides with a new call for the 25-S in which invite workers, unemployed, evicted, young men with no future and pensioners to go to plaza de Neptuno in the afternoon and stay there overnight until the next day.

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