The Work

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Listening to her patiently and without being able to reassure my mind about what tried to explain, falling into account that according to his theory 2 years I only left to fall in this curse started thinking about your idea, you want to or not, is one repetition of what we usually hear on the street, either by older people that we would call with ancient thought in mouth of contemporary friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. does that occurs in our minds when we are prompt to get to age 30, fear begins at nostras, it is true that simply despair and that we see with envy any woman that have what is basic to a woman to be complete?bone husband, children and a nice house? Does unfailingly every normal woman goes through a process of emotional crisis and an imbalance on its own security coming to resign themselves to have a person that not worth to the side? After days of unsettling reflection on the theme, talk by telefoneo with a colleague who had a view diametrically opposite of my previous roommate, which began to ferociously explain how that process had gone out of fashion, it was if same as a living example of how one comes to pass I 30 alone, stuck completely in the work, with a very good professional prospect, salaries on the media, devoting himself as a kind of cult to maintain good forms of her body and holding an enviable social life. You may want to change all that by a family?, she asked me, you may want to enslave your own freedom? More confused that at first with two such opposing viewpoints could not more that reflect how we started to go to the opposite so radically that it scares. On one side are the anti marriage, anti children and any formal commitment, a sort of generation narcissistic, which considers marriages and children as antichrists that limit their capacity for growth, whose goal in life is to fatten and endiosar his self and with a fear of commitment so devastating ending away from everything you derive that.

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