The Mixed System of France

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From the constitutional point of view the French system is neither presidential nor parliamentary, but a mixed system. The semi-presidential system is a term first used by French political scientist Maurice Duverger, in his book The Political Institutions and constitutional law. This system is designated political, in which a president elected by universal suffrage exists alongside a prime minister and cabinet responsible to the legislature. It seems at first glance that this coexist simultaneously the presidential and parliamentary, but in reality are two systems for their differences are difficult to merge, why it is said that can operate in some cases according to the mechanics a presidential system and in other cases as the mechanics of the parliamentary system, or it can also produce a division of powers in the executive so that the President and Prime Minister enjoy extensive powers in specific areas.

It is said that generally, countries that have adopted semi-presidential system, are those in which there were threats to the stable operation of parliamentary institutions. Also seem that this system has become the most appropriate for those democracies that are characterized by multiparty systems and politically fragmented. 4. CARACTERE stico. – – The President is elected by universal suffrage. – The Executive Branch is divided into President or head of state, elected directly, and a prime minister or head of government, appointed by Parliament. The president or head of state, shares the executive power with a prime minister, establishing a dual structure of authority defining the following criteria: a) The President is independent of Parliament, but not allowed to govern alone since his will should be channeled and processed through its government and b) The Prime Minister and his cabinet are independent of the president, but report directly to the parliament, for this reason are subject to a vote of censure and votes of confidence, so they need to support their stay parliamentary majority.

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