The Justice

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That indicates that Carpenter could not work the land, because they are busy. Nor can go, because in other villages happens the same as yours. But does in winter, what is done with the air conditioning units that give work to a technician for troubleshooting, when they have already installed in all houses? That continue to operate, which provides employment and generates wealth to electricity companies and makes tables for heating consumption, increase which required the work of Carpenter and could even possibly need another Assistant. This example of Perogrullo portrays the current economy. From analytical Marxism, Gerald A. Cohen criticises Rawls egalitarian liberalism.

Against the justice social Rawlsian restrict social justice to the basic structure, proposes a social base of dignity. Both approaches are theoretical models of valuation character. Economists and social thinkers, as well as officials of international agencies are intended to respond to how to resolve the problem of poverty at the global level, or within the scope of a given State. At most that can reach this approach is to offer a social wage, which ends up being insufficient and ineffective. The question that need to find solution is how to solve the economic problem of poverty, which leads us to the basic income. Answering this question is what has led me to develop the alternative theory altogether. Part of the model of market economy, but it manages to establish an own action area to promote economic development.

We must differentiate economic capitalism as a model which instrumentalized capital to create wealth, ideological capitalism that uses as a means of domain capital, as soon as is today meant that economic power control to political power. This aspect is what basic income suppresses. Not achieved absolute equality, but it gives priority to freedom of the individual, from a model in which the State of necessity is exceeded.

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