The Bad

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Its histrinico smile in a face sculptured for marketeiros, hairdressers and visagistas is not capable to inspire the confidence of who has a little more than what two neurons in the head. Its estereotipada and extempornea affection does not identify it with the feminine one that it inhabits in me. Its corporal media speaks more than what all its words. Therefore, this also cannot be my option. If it cannot choose in s clean conscience, in this electoral attack by teen street gang the one that we were enclosed. If, of a side, the retrocession is presented politician and the arrogance of who insists on declaring its quality for having ‘ ‘ ideas prprias’ ‘ , of the other, what we have is a colonized candidate who cannot reveal its frankly, while we – mere Brazilian citizens? we are obliged to fulfill a duty national and to have that to decide worse between the bad one and still; between ragged and the ragged one.

Choosing the first one, at least, I help to promote the desaparelhamento of the State that the government-squid so ardilosamente committed. Choosing the candidate, I give to a credit its promises in the question education. there? Therefore, that both are blown up; the vote of the middle class and clarified does not go to decide the elections. That all are blown up the ones that to convince want me to this difficult, if not, impossible, choice. That it gains any one, since who will govern will be same the old colonizadores of always; they, the ones that impose the conchavos, the complicity, agreements politicians.

In any way, them elect and they will be represented in the Presidency of the Republic of our Country. Therefore, well, let us recommence everything of new, day first; therefore we will have more four years for the front. If it was not still for my generation, nor for the generation of my children and perhaps, still, not it either for the one of my grandsons? the EDUCATION OF QUALITY will only be our capsule of rescue; ours fnix of exit; only the appropriate one to solve the problems decurrent of the intellectual and moral burial, that in them keeps so mediocre and acuados front to the choices that we made in me or s conscience. Perhaps as it does not exist, Oxal my concerns if dilute in the hope that all the Brazilians demonstrate and deposit in the ballot boxes, and that it wins ragged or the ragged one, who knows, worse the least.

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