South Africa TravelWorks

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The new TravelWorks-high school-catalogue is here! In addition to the classics, the range was expanded the countries South Africa and Costa Rica. Exchange student from immediately the opportunity to get to know personally the rainbow nation and visit a high school at the Cape of good hope have suitable to Cup, held in South Africa. South African schools are today after the British model and provide optimal learning conditions our participants! “, Constanze Baargeld situation, former exchange student and high school coordinator at TravelWorks, the new offering. The second new programme country, Costa Rica, is one of the simplest and most pleasant destinations in Central America. Education plays a major role here, the school system is modern and internationalised. For students who like to perfect their knowledge of Spanish, optimal! “, says Baar location. Who advertises for a high school program at TravelWorks, attends first a personal interview, in which the suitability and matched the expectations of applicants and parents.

Then, various forms be completed and compiled a workbook with personal information, photos, etc., which is essential for communicating in a suitable host family and school. No matter where one ultimately wind up, it is important that you go open and curious and didn’t expect anything like in Germany found. “, Baar location knows from his own experience. Integrated into a new family on time you get to know the everyday life in the host country. Family celebrations, sporting events, shopping, band rehearsals or excursions include a local or local school as their stay at as daily attendance. A high school stay is the perfect way to experience another country, make new friends, to expand language skills and intercultural competence, even better much new, but also get to know. Who moves with the school bag in the world, experienced far more than just school!

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