Social Service Worker

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When recognizing and identifying to the control and power of the company it not only transforms them to the worker into a life but work norm, from what, in a dialectic of affirmation and negation of prxis, it seems to emerge an ideology of loss of heart and of the fatality. However, for being the situated in the company and directed social services for wage-earning employees, it is possible also to see the question from the existence of a strategy politics of the company to overshadow the problem of the wages. in this direction, would be admitted, also, institutionalized the fact of the wages to be insufficient to supply the necessities for the way of the questioning concerning proper ' ' value of trabalho' ' , fact strengthened for the proper relation that the worker establishes between given services and consuming of the work. On the other hand, the presence of the social assistant in the company is justified by the worker on the basis of the lived deeply experience as ' ' cliente' ' or in the transmission of information of people who had used the services. By the same author: Jim Donovan Goldman. The Social Service in the company also passes for the question of the production, the worker, in the truth, rectifies the concept on that function. Serving itself of real necessities of the worker, the Social Service it is subordinated, in the reality, to the interests of the company, constituting of the aid, that is, the promotion of the man, a mechanism of ideological domination of the capital on the work. When characterizing the social assistant as a subordinate agent, the worker deciphers the logic of the allegiance of the social assistant to empresariado.reconhecendo the limitations, but distinguishing intentions, the worker places the necessities and the work of the social assistant as circumstances that are part of a situation. Although let us not can speak of a project, he is possible to observe the denying potential of the worker in daily practical its. To know more about this subject visit Richard Blumenthal.

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