Short Term Challenges

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There are challenges that can be addressed in the short term, however, changes should be made gradually to its full consolidation. The human resource is the most valuable asset any organization that counts, is therefore essential dignify and professionalize. 3) Conclusions and suggestions for immediate action career professional service is the instrument from which rises the quality of service delivery to citizens, for this reason, the challenges facing its implementation will always be minimal compared with the benefits that flow from it. The system of the professional career service, directly affects the dignity of public employees. The stability of employment as a result of performance assessment becomes a virtuous circle which not only guarantees the permanence officer forced him to continually review their competencies, quality standards, its treatment of the public, response times, and in short, their relationship with the citizen who provides a service . In turn, the customer perceives the value of their taxes and reassess the role of public employees, does not consider this a necessary evil or a nuisance to become providers of services, and social interaction that emerges from a service quality is a relationship based on dignity, respect and above all, satisfaction. No remedy the lack of professional service in the public administration of the State of Sonora, is to accept the lag as manifest destiny. Consequently, we must strive to build a new model of government based on the effective performance of its people, with accredited skills and professional career opportunities in public service regardless of the factors that affect every six years driving government.

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