Refreshing Light

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Dynamic lighting facilitates working indoors morning is working in the Office still afloat by hand. But fatigue is already around noon, burn the eyes, headache. It is many people who spend most of the day in an Office. An inadequate lighting may be responsible for such and similar illnesses,, the society declared good light. Because even if the light in the Office achieved by the standard DIN EN 12464-1 required illuminance of 500 lux, the man at the desk sits biologically in the dark. The reason: several thousand Lux prevail outdoors even in clouds – so many times the Office lighting. The human body in the course of evolution has adapted to this level of lighting. Light affects hormone production in recent years has known that sensory cells in the eye using the daylight influence hormone production and hence well-being.

In this way, about the production of mood reading Heller’s is serotonin stimulated. But indoors the signal generator is missing daylight. Fatigue and poor concentration are possible consequences – for Office workers to a big problem. Scientific studies have confirmed meanwhile that a dynamic Office lighting can supplement the biological effect of daylight and promote well-being so. It fits with changing temperatures and light intensities the needs of the body: noon daylight white light with high blue component is invigorating, against evening warm white colors provide relaxation. At the same time light should radiate as extensively, either indirectly by bright ceilings and walls or from appropriately designed lighting.

So the light can reach as many photoreceptors in the eye? The lighting scenes can be set continuously and fully automatically via electronic lighting management. Special sensors allow a perfect interaction of energy saving at the same time with the “real” day light. Company description on -the funding community good light – is the competent contact partner since 1970, when it comes to questions of lighting. The society brings together the expertise of more than 130 member companies from the lighting and lamp industry, that are organized in the ZVEI – Zentralverband Elektrotechnik and electronics industry. informed about current aspects of efficient lighting and knowledge based around light, lighting and light bulbs – vendor-neutral and competent. The information portal, as well as the serials “licht.wissen” and “” offer comprehensive service, practical advice and examples of lighting for architects and planners, journalists and consumers. Company contact: licht.

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