Queiroz Research

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162). The research was classified as exploratria by previously not having many available data on the object in study, and for developing you analyze them through construction of ideas and hypotheses. Also descriptive, therefore, it is looked to describe characteristics of one definitive population. (SAINTS, 2001, p.161). According to Vergara (2008, P. 17), this work collects the data through research of field that occurs for accomplishment of open or half-structuralized interviews or of the application of open questionnaires.

In this in case that, it was used transcription of the interview as text in study, being that, the interview is a tool of research widely used for data-collecting, being able to be it structuralized, not-structuralized or half-structuralized. According to Saints (2001, P. 223) in structuralized research the questions are same for all the interviewed ones, what it guarantees greater it has controlled in the answers, also in the result of the study or searches. While in the structuralized research the interviewed one does not have greater freedom to formulate its answers and the interviewer is not obliged to obey any type of preset script. For Queiroz (1988), the half-structuralized interview is one technique of collection of data that assumes a conversation continued between informer and researcher and that it must in accordance with be directed by this its objectives. In this manner, of the life of the informing one it only interests what it comes to insert itself directly in the domain of the research. The interview was carried through during the works of the Rondon Project? Operation Carajs 2011, in the city of Curionpolis? Par.

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