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Award for the best “Price / performance ratio and the resulting extraordinary value for customers” Erfurt and Brooklyn, NY, January 24, 2013 – Q-Sensei, the company known for its next-generation search technology, today announced that its enterprise search platform Q-Sensei Enterprise again has been awarded by the consultancy Frost & Sullivan. This year, Q-Sensei receives the “global enterprise search price performance value leadership award 2012”. The jury was convinced: Q-Sensei Enterprise offers a unique search technology, which analyzes corporate data from various databases and search result of along different dimensions of the data presented. This form of multi-dimensional search leads to a greater accuracy and relevance in the search to business-critical information, particularly within large amounts of data. “We have an in-depth analysis of the global enterprise search market performed, to the prevailing market and” Technology trends to understand.

The focus of the analysis focused on solutions that offered a combination of innovation and pioneering role in four main categories of comparison, together with an optimal pricing, which allows a rapid return on investment,”says Sashankh Kale, industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan. The main categories of comparison for the “price-performance value Leadership Award” were: competitiveness at the cost, functionality, ease of use, as well as alignment with customer needs. In the analysis, Frost & Sullivan Q-Sensei was nominated as one of the top three companies which are eligible for the award in question. “Worldwide companies need to store large quantities of information, process, and retrieve, and very often in real time.” Customers are looking for not only solutions that only relevant information in response to a semantic query. Currently, the demand more in offerings, the discovery and analysis of all inside and outside a company available, valuable data enable”continues kale. “With its multi-dimensional search platform Q-Sensei better interaction with data and it also offers a powerful search with real time filtering and advanced analysis and visualization capabilities. .

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