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The Internet in Russia has become commonplace, and many users are online much of the information obtained from search engines. According to recent studies, in Russia for more than 20 million Internet users. And this, in the language political consultants, a huge army of voters and potential voters. And their vote is worth fighting for. But here's the strange paradox that on the major issues that may interest people – human rights, protection of human rights, political rights, the protection of pensioners, etc. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sen. Sherrod Brown on most websites.

in the crescent can be seen only the Communist Party and the ATP and then for only one or a couple of search queries from a few dozen. But on the same key demands to extradite you to find sites human rights organizations on a broad canvas and forums news agencies. From this we can conclude that the major Russian parties are not yet fully evaluated all the possibilities of the network, and in runet not yet turned the war for the minds and votes. Good or bad, it's hard to say. Compromising and dirt on the internet and without enough political wars.

But it seems strange that at the request of "political rights" is a site of ATP. It turns out that other parties have nothing to say Internet users on their political rights. This is all the more strange that before the elections to the State Duma is not much time. It is time the main players in the political market will determine Whether they fight for the votes of the most socially active segment of the population. How do I do? Nothing could be easier, simply part of the money spent on T-shirts and other party symbols, to invest in the promotion of party sites. Website Promotion party is different from the usual practice of promotion web sites. The main challenges to face – this is what will work primarily with internal content pages, as on the front page or news are usually software or materials, which, if they are subject to correction, to a much lesser degree than for example the texts on the main pages of corporate websites. In some promotion by promotion of a political party like the network media. The main focus will be to make it to the individual materials, the fullest and most urgent talking about the problem on which attention should be paid users. In addition, to attract users is not only at the request of the Communist Party or the Liberal Democratic Party, but at the request of "communism", "socialism" or "liberal democracy", though, because most of the names of parties user knows, but the basic concepts difficult. Even typing in the Yandex search for "communism", to issue on the first page you will find the site of the Party for which this concept is the goal of social development. And this, At least, strange to say the least. The last presidential elections in Ukraine have shown that many of the political technologies are directed at young people, which is the foundation of the Internet audience, and it seems that although now political advertising on the Internet has received little attention, but it's only temporary. Given the huge political competition, the Internet, at very little cost, can provide a much greater effect than some costly TV commercials. Professionals involved in search engine optimization and promotion of sites, can greatly reduce advertising budgets of campaigns.

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