Pet Cat

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Cats are very popular pets. Compared with dogs, also a very popular pet in Germany, one is not so in cats tied to his pet. Has the cat enough run, they may be, for example, also look for a few days even if its owner should be on the road. Condition is natural that a neighbor or friend to the culinary supply of cat care in an emergency and can bring the cat to the vet. Also the cat should this necessarily be partially free, since indoor cats are otherwise too much would get bored. Unlike dogs, cats are too subtle in its kind, although they can certainly show joy at the return of their owner but they are usually not nearly so exuberant with joy like a dog.

Even cats can not as cuddly as a dog and his rather peculiar in its way. are representative of the Romantic Group is also the pet cat. Cats are ideal as a pet, especially for singles or childless couples. For families with children should be a very child-friendly Cat care because they are not as tolerant to children and the pet dog. With exuberant expressions of love by children, for example, a cat can quickly present their claws and hurt children so seriously. If you decide for one cat, one should know that this pet can reach an age of up to 20 years. Cats suffer greatly if they have to leave their homes. Is it therefore came to the decision, a cat is the ideal pet, they should remain until her retirement in their new owners may not.

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