Partisan Politics

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' Because the men are in general ungrateful, voluble, dissimulated, money cowards and ambitious persons, and, simulators; while benefits to make them, are all with you (…). When, however, the necessity if approaches, is turned toward the other part. (Il Prince, Maquiavel) the politics is not surprising. It is what she is why the people who of it participate are what they are. I do not know who said this phrase accurately and nor what it wants to say. Of any form, in any place, the activity politics is differentiated even so does not leave of being what it is: politics. For Brazil the rejection, always has a hegemonic party during determined time and the militant ones are manipulated by a local hood.

Of ownership of the reins of the power it uses itself of this for ' ' orientar' ' the party waving with positions with which ' ' brinda' ' the ones surround that it and bajulam for the front and, of it speak badly for the coasts. But, this is of the game politician, the social relations. In the end, all the power is solitude of sincerity true friendship. E, the alliances that if ' ' costuram' ' they are mere arremedos of collective projects. The truth is that they do not pass of individual interests.

The partisan meetings, conventions, are simple games of scene. The militant or integrant filiados ones of the directory municipalfazem paper of claque of audience, do not emit opinions. Debate politician does not exist, but they do not leave to applaud the decisions taken for the same direction that do not understand well what this very having or being argued. Many make this for pure alienation; others, to remain itself or for inhaling to some position. It also has the ones that do not want if indispor with ' ' poder' ' , simply.

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