Paper Training A Puppy

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What a joy it is now your own puppy goes to the newspaper toilet, but time passes and soon have to wean him from the newspapers but to teach him to train as ulitse.Kak the street, there are many methods, but rosmotrim etu.Ved not for nothing that we have taught for two months gazete.Primerno puppy accustomed to newspaper and your praise, that if you remove the paper, the puppy will be confusing, it will poskulivat can run up to you what something back to the corner (shown in different puppies in different ways) at this point you are very happy voice praise him, and lay a newspaper, a puppy happy to make their case to the newspaper, and you never cease to praise his voice (boy, what a big dog at the same tolerate, endure), just do not have to iron when he makes the case, once again praise the voice, as soon as dog did his business uberaem newspaper, and watch again, and so a few days. (So do only when someone is at home, if the puppy is left alone a newspaper should be in the corner). For even more details, read what Michael Ramlet says on the issue. So we accustom the puppy to suffer. Well, here come the hour and you teach the puppy to urinate in ulitsu.Vy already dressed in ceremonial clothes have beautiful shoes and you're ready, do not postpone the beautiful shoes and let them be a better running shoes so quickly bezhat.Vash puppy wanted the bathroom, he walked to the corner or ran up to you, or something else to do, the main thing that he gave you to understand that it requires a newspaper, in that moment you pick up and carry him outside (saying tolerance), there you have it down on the ground (always a quiet place) and if he does their affairs so as always, and praise ego.Zabyl write up to this point it should already be accustomed to the street that is to noise, the bright svetu.Dlya this about a week, you very carefully take out the puppy on the street, not output and staking on the hands and not putting it on the ground, it's the first time that the puppy is not afraid to make a better first time early in the morning until well shumno.Potom already accustom to the ground gently for one minute just omit it on the ground, let the smell grass, and always at first be on the alert so as not to in any case it does not scare the other dog, or whatever to.Nu that's all we have taught the puppy to the toilet on ulitse.Eto only one technique but there drugie.Zhelayu you good luck in raising your four-legged friend.. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kyle Dropp.

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