Our Flora And Fauna Environment

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The poets and painters degrees from my country have been inspired by its majestic places that hold forests, mountains, rivers, lakes and all her amazing range of flora and fauna, those tourists who have come have been amazed at all our environmental heritage, unfortunately there are many people who have no environmental awareness and ambition and greed, rather than build, destroy without thinking that cause irreparable damage to our natural environment, their children and all other generations. Every day in my country Guatemala thousands of hectares of forests are felled illegally, neither the government and any institution that environmentalists autproclamana do anything about it. We considered the lung fifth worldwide and our natural resources are less each day, at the rate we are going, soon we will not even a glass of drinking water and the vital liquid will be more valuable than all the gold in the world . A few days ago I saw a sad news in a medium of information indicating that the department Peten, which is a protected area, had been felled thousands of trees and the species that endangered or rivers and lakes that continue to pollute because we throw garbage anywhere, or because some companies throw their waste where they come pleased. For all this, because they have no environmental awareness in our days we are living the era of climate change, the warming of our planet is evident, perhaps even in time we can change our mind if everyone we work, environmental education starts at home with the children by giving them the example we as adults.

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