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a must be said that one is his own master, his own architect and one through daily observation, you can find to that destination, to that place is, and certainly if you get it proposes. Any problem, any situation in life has two angles from which we can see, the first is that the problem or situation can not be resolved it is impossible, and that no one can help in that respect, everything is lost, nothing can do. This position, I'll call the pessimistic, negative, the normal reaction that many people take in life. The second angle from which you can see the problem or situation is that if you can, not to be taken too seriously, you have to see the positive side to that, that if there is a possibility that someone help us, we are inspired by the infinite intelligence in the forms that you understand, and if I laugh a little, I connect with Joy, with the solution of what is happening to me with happiness. In this position you can call it perfectly Optimism, which is also adopted by many people as well. a In other words, every one who decides how it will deal with any situation in life, and do so according to the information that are recorded in your subconscious. The importance of this writing, is that you know that you can choose between two paths: one that leads you to assume a position to take their problems seriously and became very pessimistic with conditions that surround him. .

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