Oliveira Viana

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If Oliveira divergia Viana of who thus defended the State was because she conceives the state authoritarianism a provisory version, exactly that this provisory character a century has lasted more than, since the Independence of the country. It was not for coincidence, for Oliveira Vianna, who the anachronistic exaggeration of the Brazilian intellectuals has occurred, over all, after independence politics of the country. ' ' For it, says Vieira (1976), ' old captains-generais' they had ' feeling of ours realidades' that ' it disappeared of ' our classrooms dirigentes' , therefore ' it has a century we live politically in full sonho' ' ' , mentioning the critical one to it of. the Vianna to the influence refusal, because hasty, of liberalism in the mentality of the Brazilian vanguardista elite since the half of century XIX. On account of this, in saying of Ricardo Silva: ' ' … the institutions of the authoritarian State, elaborated and justified at different moments … of workmanship of Oliveira Viana, are understood as? ways? (or mere? instruments) for the accomplishment of determined ends; more still: such instruments would have transitory character, having after to be abandoned the full accomplishment of the ends almejados' '.

' ' ends almejados' ' they were the development of the liberal institutions, by means of which the country would adentraria the hall of the free and modern nations. In this direction and only in this, it can be said that, in the sociological conception of Oliveira Viana, the ends would justify the ways. It is therefore that the sociological thought of this intellectual is had by certain analysts of reputation as defender of ' ' authoritarianism instrumental' '. The authoritarian, used State in this case as instrument stops to guarantee, later, to the civil society the full joy of the freedom politics, economic and cultural. Therefore, the transitory authoritarianism of the State is an element that is not present in the thought Brazilian conservative, in order to singularizar sociology politics of Oliveira Viana.

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