Notary And Legal Services In The Czech Republic .

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The Czech Republic operates a large number of private and public notaries. Services to private and public notaries are almost identical with some exceptions. Consider the basic differences in the services public and private notaries: Notaries Public in Czech Republic: has no right to certify a copy of the document, which is holography can not provide personal state-insured bank account, through which must pass a means of purchase and sale of real estate. Not have the right to provide services for conducting transactions of purchase and sale of movable and immovable property, not have the legal right to execute and notarize company statutes (Notarsky record) which is the basis for the beginning of registration of legal entity. S-early 2008, providing service to obtain a registration sheet on the legal person in the Czech Republic and the record sheet for real estate. Public notaries are convenient in that they work in each department of the district administration of the city, resort to their services, many Czech and foreign nationals with the necessary assurances proxy statements, copies of documents, notarized signatures. Services of notaries public for the cost are lower than private ones. Private notary in the Czech Republic, in contrast to the public: must be commercially insured and in case of default State Bar does not exist, as a consequence, there is no state law firms. All the rights and functions given to defense lawyers on the decision of private lawyers and law firms.

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