National Assembly Law

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Already the universities have spoken, they have been declared in emergency, for example, the University of the Andes, the ULA has commented that the universities Act that has just been adopted is a legal instrument authoritarian, whose objective is to equip the national Government a means to directly control the universities, that in case of being enacted would void his transcendent sense because the University would cease to be an institution for knowledge creationresearch and professionalization. With elimination University autonomy institution happens to be completely dependent on the Executive power, delegates to the Minister of higher education most of the powers of self-government University, to the extent even of assigning the guarantee of the exercise of autonomy of our houses of study. Unknown to the democratic and social State of law. The law includes concepts and items related to the Socialist education, endogenous development, modifies the academic community and the cloister, which holds university management to a Socialist project contrary to the promotion of pluralism, which was also rejected in the consultative referendum on constitutional reform on December 2, 2007 as very well, puts it with regard to the foregoing, that the National Council of University transformation aims to coordinate the implementation of policies arising from the Ministry and will have the largest number of representatives designated by the Executive. The territorial councils of University transformation will be created by the Minister, who regulate its organization and functioning, which breaks the possibility of University self-regulation and greater levels of efficiency. It is a highly discretionary law. The Minister shall regulate the creation of training of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, policies of income and student permanence, the creation or elimination of Headquarters, core and extensions. Also regulate the participation of organizations of popular power, it shall draw up the electoral regulations for the election of the University authorities, the regulations for the operation of the University governing bodies, and will establish the guidelines for teacher training programs.

For its part, the University of Carabobo through his Chancellor Jessy Divo of Romero, asked Chavez, return to the National Assembly Law of university education, with the aim that the legislature remedied the multiple violations of constitutional, legal and regulatory order prior to its enactment. We consider if it really has pretensions to continue ruling the current President, rectify this decision, listen to the universities their proposals, suggestions and take corrective actions to not be affected in their aspirations. These errors may not commit, because it is extremely negative for the objectives of the Government of instituting a socialism but always within a true democracy.

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