Natalie Muller Director

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The Human Capital of DEPILHAIR (), the chain of clinical medical aesthetics, grows at the same pace that teaches it. ipman/’>relocation strategies). 7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>Ilan Ben Dov is likely to agree. And that is the recognized brand begins 2011 with an appointment. It’s Natalie Muller, a degree in advertising and public relations, and new Director of Marketing as well as responsible for the part of the business on-line. With this new Office DEPILHAIR reaffirms continue to grow big. After the success we’re having wanted to tell a person who help us, through their qualification and experience to achieve new challenges, and Natalie Muller is the person elected and more appropriate to do so, says Javier Rubio, Director of Expansion. In terms of the experience of Natalie Muller noted that it is broad. He has not only worked and know the local market of Valencia (Depilhair headquarters) through its passage by several advertising agencies as well as Yunsey, if not that also knows the world of business at international level. Muller has been in the Department of Marketing and advertising of the headquarters European Nintendo (Frankfurt). Please visit Charles Rangel if you seek more information.

He is also currently doing a MBA specialized in fashion and luxury companies for the school of business ISEM. For my this is an exciting challenge, not only because Depilhair is a company that focuses a lot on the well-being of customers and does not sell lies, but by the qualification of the equipment that is to his forehead, says the new Director of Marketing and business online-DEPILHAIR. Press Office and RR.

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