Modern Science

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Modern science finished if becoming one it forms different of if making the same thing. The movement of revolution in sciences is slow, said science contemporary is represented by the occured paradigm in additions inside of the proper physics, with the quantum physics. The quantum physics demonstrated as the certezas are relative. With the advance of the analysis equipment microscopical, the nanotecnologia, many questions never thought now are raised. The old certezas become uncertainties, and the mysteries on the constitution of the substance increase. Thus, the proper concepts of life and death must be in xeque also. The natural fear of the death, gift in the great majority of the beings livings creature, creates, in the soul of the human being, the necessity, or, the hope that the life does not cease the death after.

They had been created thus, many imaginary worlds of the postmortem one, historically gifts in almost all the religions, seitas and mythologies. All the types of dualismos leave of this primitive and egoistic will to last the life beyond the death. To the wait of a happy world after the death, where if it rewarded everything what it was suffered in the life; a paradise, the common people (lay) if ahead accomodate of all the possible injustices in the world instead of demanding its natural laws. Here it is the paper of the mitolgicas religions in general: to provoke apathy politics. But this is subject for one another assay. Valley in this, to make to emerge problematic of the possibility of eternity of the life the human being. Which the advantage of being perpetual? Which the reason of being perpetual? Which the value of a perpetual life? Advantages, reasons, values, can be invented, are creations, imaginations. In this perspective any reply it could be possible, however, valley to reflect on the value of these possibilities for the present life.

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