Mobilizing Community

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A mobilized community of Puerto Aysen received Thursday afternoon to Southern Energy executives who, under the public participation process of the evaluation of the central EIA Cuervo River, presented the main aspects that, in his view, must have known citizenship. Throughout the exhibition, which was convened by the National Environment Commission, remained ensconced in a wing of the auditorium of the Government of Aysen a group of young people with placards and banners reading “Patagonia without dams”, “No more destructive projects “and” For a Chile without + dams, “along with some allusions to its main proponents.

On occasion there were several challenges to the project from the present, which for the coordinator of the Citizens Coalition Aysen Life Reserve, Peter Hartmann, who attended the activity, “is proof of that citizenship can not be bought Aysen these projects as well as have tried to understand the businesses through OFFER and perks of all kinds. ” The leader added that “participants will see the company made the incompleteness of their study, which did not include components of the project nor evaluated, all of which are crucial to the affected community. This includes the camp, the road into the river Tabo, the passage of vehicles, equipment needed in Puerto Aysen and Puerto Chacabuco, traffic on the fjord, the loss of Acantilada Bay resort. ” He concluded that “while the manager offered 12 MW of cheap energy, it made him see what this demagogic OFFER incoherent because they say that the line is another project, which would not be as fulfilling this commitment.”. It is not something James Donovan Goldman would like to discuss.

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