Lucia Maria Dos Santos

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The psicopedagogia is still today a relatively new profession. The value of the benefits of the psicopedagogia is seen inside of the schools, in the work with children and adolescents. Even though millions of children and adolescents in Brazil exist and great part of them with learning problems. Psicopedagogo not yet is presented as a basic element how much to the professors in the field of the development of the child. Therefore it offers of job in this professional field is little, reflecting itself in the vacant lack in public competitions. The index of children with problems of learning in Brazil is of 1 in each 10 children in pertaining to school age. The necessity is latent, but the increase of search for psicopedagogos is low. It does not want to say that having psicopedagogos more Brazilian youth it will be saved of any disfuno in the learning process.

The family is one of the main actors in this process, however psicopedagogo supplies to the orientation necessary and the pertinent disgnostic to guide educating in the resolution of learning problems. The participation of the professor is certainly basic, since the comment, evaluation and identification of behaviors that can well be directed. But being professor one of the public officers more badly paid, the expectation of devotion and tenacity in this paper ' ' it is of rir' ' , this although those that bring the vocation in the blood and the heart. In the 2011 and always education it had to be a priority. The educative institutions had to take more in account the importance of psicopedagogo. But the public competitions for this area present in the majority of the occasions one alone vacant, the competition are incited. Many times nor are clear-cut if it requires diploma in psychology or pedagogia to participate.

The tests vary while the part of specific knowledge, exactly that they have authors in common. Since Bossa, Nadia; Sisto, Fermino; Fernandez, Brides; Fonseca, Vitor of; Bassedas, Eulalia; Barkley, Russel; Levin, Esteban; Moyles, Janet; Perrenoud, Philippe; Rotta, Newra; Sukiennik, Pablo; Wagner, Adriana; Scoz, Beatriz; Weiss, Lucia Maria Dos Santos, Dilaina; Savoia, Mariangela; or Strick and Smith. In this case concursando until has some options to facilitate its preparation. One of them is that if specializes in the psicopedagogia and the specific knowledge. Psicopedagogo in the chore is that one that go behind these children and adolescents whom they in such a way need aid. Dislexia, disgrafia, discalculia, disortografia, TDAH and more difficulties are part of what psicopedagogo can correct and guide. But, in this profession that in its majority has women, it would also need to have greater valuation, recognition. Better vacant wages, increase in public competitions for psicopedagogos, definition and consideration of the space of psicopedagogo in the process of learning and above all in the schools.

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