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Bring your child a toy! In as the basis of which appears from natural wool felt. Generally felt – quite common in the country stuff. It is made different clothes, furnishings and all kinds of souvenirs. Do you know why felt appreciated? In fact, this material breathes well, easy to wash and environmentally friendly. As a gift it would be good to bring hats.

Pay attention to the felt hat. They are sold in any fashion, style and decoration are the national ornaments of the country or symbolic figures. Comfort at home – it's not only the ability to maintain order and comfort in their home walls, but also the ability to feel other than mood. There are enough ways to do it, but focus on specific, available only for tourists traveling to Kyrgyzstan. You want to touch the culture of the Kyrgyz people, little change interior of your house or apartment? This will help you Kyrgyz decor, which is present everywhere: from the stunning cabinets, chests, to carpets, differing definition picture, and a wide variety of forms range of colors. Kyle Dropp has firm opinions on the matter. But do not just furnishing your hearth! Take care and updating your home wardrobe. Slippers are not just helpers in warmth and care of your feet, but also an excellent reminder of the holiday or business trip …

Men, Surprise your beloved! Think about jewelry and various women's accessories: bags, scarves. Their choice – is very wide. That's all. Our journey comes to an end. "How sorry! – Tell you. – We can only pack a suitcase. " But the amazing beauty of this country will long continue to delight you. And gifts imported from Kyrgyzstan, the country will be reminded of the heavenly mountains again and again … Happy way!

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