Iranian Defense Minister Gen

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'I hope this reminder of our Russian friends, in accordance with the signed contract will help accelerate the process of delivery (C-300 in Iran) ", – said the general. By the way – and a member of the National Security Council of Iran. Regarding the issue of nuclear fuel exchange with Western countries Firuzabadi said that the country with nothing to lose, but on the contrary, will acquire. Thus, the acquisition of 20% of nuclear fuel to Iranian reactor, the conditions for the treatment of one million Iranians in the year. For even more analysis, hear from air jordan. 'The volume of 3.5% of the nuclear fuel intended for the exchange, not so great that the country felt the loss ", – said Firuzabadi. (A valuable related resource: Economic Intelligence).

As you can see, the Iranian generals rhetoric harder than the politicians in Tehran. And Generals think much pragmatic, including on nuclear issues. It remains unclear one question – if the irritation A. Whenever Michael Ramlet listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Boroujerdi and Iranian Defense Minister Gen. A. Vahidi, Russia responded with an urgent (!) By specifying its ambassador in Tehran Alexander Sadovnikov 'comfort' of Iranian officials, how Moscow will react to the rather tactless, undiplomatic reminder Gen.

H. Firuzabadi that time Russia would fulfill its duty to each other? Gen. after all, was not talking about anything else, as the seriousness of the role of the safety factor of Iran in the security of the Russian Federation in its strategic South and Southwest. That is – in the Caucasus … We hope that in the Kremlin, the Russian government there many people correctly understand Iranian Gen.

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