Investigators Violate CPC

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People write more and more complaints to the prosecutor, and prosecutors are working all the worse. Investigators do not particularly bother finding the evidence more often the main evidence – is an admission of guilt. In this case, the investigators systematically violated Code of Professional Procedure, which entails recognition of the evidence, or even the charges unlawful. So in Pskov 42 victims of fraud are awaiting trial and his decision about 2 years. And so the court appeared to have begun, the prosecutor read out the charges. But it was not there.

Due to the fact that the investigator did not deign to time to extend the investigation and the case is over exposed for 4 months longer, the charge was found to be unlawful, and the case returned to the investigator. The victim is not clear why postpone it, if fraudsters guilty guilty. Legal grammotno majority of the population tends to zero. They were unaware that the next instance may reverse the decision of the court, if found violations of the Code. Also in Pskov, almost falling apart in front of a professional case against the head of the district Gdov Nikolai Mironov.

Counsel points to the set ranusheny ccp during the preliminary investigation. It is noteworthy that the court had little reaction to these comments. But at least one decision of the presiding judge was canceled due to the fact that he did not notice the violation of the cpc at the stage of the investigation. Poor the work of prosecutors and investigators to delay a trial, condemning the government and all stakeholders on the additional time and cost.

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