International Law

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The idea is anonymous and independent of its creator. The idea objectifies recruit servers and broadcasters. The idea that becomes the essence of the institution becomes indefinite. LEON Duguit. Adolfo Miaja, in his book INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW, describes it this way Duguit posture: “The examination of human nature and observation of the facts show that man has always lived in society, in collaboration with peers that, following Durkheim, takes two forms: mechanical solidarity, or similarities, and organic solidarity, or division of labor. The solidarity requires social rules of conduct for Duguit are not rational rules but the same social fact expressed in an abstract way, from the point of view of the relationship between social group and individual activities. Besides the moral and economic rules, there are statutory: A social, economic and moral rule acquires the character of rule of law at the time, for reasons that can vary the mass of minds is aware that the enactment of this rule can be assured of a permanent, a social reaction it receives from a more or less developed. “Moreover, and once on the topic related to the state, he said that the strongest are those who act on behalf of sovereignty and impose its will on the weaker than it follows that the state is founded on force and that force is legitimate when used to practice law.

FEDERICO CARLOS MARX AND ENGELS. are the source of law in the “need to regulate the relations of production and maintenance of social classes. “The law stems from the need for a mechanism of domination of one class over another. In that vein, the legal forms and state forms can not be understood fully without specific reference to material conditions of life. “The reflection of economic relations in the form of legal, takes place without the person acting is aware of it. The jurist imagines that operates with a priori principles, whereas in reality they are only economic reflections. “In the social production of their life men enter into definite relations that are independent of their will, relations of production appropriate to a particular stage development of their material productive forces.

All of these relations of production constitutes the economic structure of society, the real foundation on which rises a legal and political superstructure, and to which correspond definite forms of social consciousness. ” It is just to mention a theory that we call “Genetics” on the opening of the right, based on all that cheap literature on the Aryan master race, invented and developed by German Nazism. But for obvious scientific reasons not worth it to devote more space to this delusion. Introduction to Law.

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