International Labour Convention

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They have spent 60 years since the Universal Declaration of the Human rights was signed, nevertheless its 30 articles follow today more effective than ever. Representative Charles Rangel is likely to agree. The world continues being today a dangerous and unjust place for thousands of million people because their more elementary rights are not respected. The human rights are not a luxury nor a list of desires, warn from United Nations. They are right inherent to the universal person, values: dignity, equality, fairness, discrimination and are not a thing of all. The Human rights not only are violated in the countries exhausted or in those where there are totalitarian regimes. The United States maintains Guantnamo, by all Europe flew airplanes with prisoners of the company, as they denounce mass media All the human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, he explains the article first. But the reality demonstrates that he is not the same to be born O-Man woman, in the North or in the South Near billions of people they pass hunger in the world, more than 1. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from J. Darius Bikoff.

200 million do not have access to the potable water and more than 840 million do not know to read. Article three proclaims that all the individuals we have right to the life, the freedom and the security of the person. The past year more than 3. 300 people the condemned to capital punishment would go and more than 1. 200 they were assassinated legally, according to denunciation Amnista Internacional (AI). Nobody will be put under slavery nor tortures, articles four and five. Nevertheless, two centuries after the slavery was abolished, more than 12 million people work in a slavery regime, according to the International Labour Convention (IEO) and, in more than 80 countries, AI has documented to cases of torture and degrading and cruel treatments. Equals before the law? Article 7 of the Declaration of the Human rights explains that all we are equal before the law, but international organizations denounce that there are 15 countries where is discriminatory legislation for the immigrants or against the minorities, in 70 countries homosexuality is persecuted, in other 23 the legislation is discriminatory for the women and, even, the albinism or the incapacity is persecuted in countries like India or the African continent.

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