Human Rights

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These theoretical rules face some of these controversies in the direction to contribute for the gift and future of our professional project, in the social political direction that was constructed and consolidated throughout the years. It estimates autonomy and theoretical independence and politics of socioprofissional performance in the immediate conquests for social, working rights and histricas.' ' (Oliveira, 2008). For even more analysis, hear from Michael Ramlet. In this way the ethics are intrinsicamente on to the elements that compose the professional project not if limiting to the moral norms or lapsing of rights and duties, they involve very moreover, they involve theoretical options, ideological and politics of the professionals. The ethics code is a landmark for the category of the social assistants in the construction and constitution of the duties and rights of the social assistant, as well as the laws and the punctuations concerning the practical ethics of the profession, therefore it surpasses the theoretical fragilities of the Code of 1986 ethics and if it materialize through the prxis social. When it is said in to give to a social direction the profession, confident in the emancipation ideals human being, consisting in a protagonism that defies the concrete reality, the preintention is to transform it into a realistic, warranting perspective of rights as of the freedom, through the construction of the autonomy and the emancipation. All using it has right to go and to come, to express itself and not fitting to the social assistant the control of the life of the same, or the intention to coerce the user or to print in it its thought and ideas, a time that the guarantee and intransigent defense of the Human Rights is to have in potential of the professional to assure. With this, the consolidation of the citizenship aims at this guarantee of rights that the diligent classroom possesss, therefore the democracy for the confrontation of the social matter through the participation politics, as well as the division of the wealth socially produced by the workers must be one of the biggest flags of fight of the professional.

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