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Growth and development companies, the appearance of branches and representative offices has greatly increased the demand for highly skilled employees. One possible solution is the "cultivation" of professional personnel within the company, but it takes a long time and effort. In addition, this method does not work if there is an urgent need for specialist, such as opening a branch or a new project. In this If employers use the services of the agency by executive search. Staff Recruitment and selection are searching for the key positions of specialists with valuable knowledge and extensive experience in large companies. Any headhunter has its own database, which included data on high-class specialists and top managers who not only serve as potential candidates for the position in the event of an order and, if necessary make recommendations on several issues, for example, have reported promising new employees or top managers, because of various reasons want to change jobs. In the search for contacts hedhanterov carefully examining the business and trade press, attend exhibitions, seminars and conferences, participate in forums on industry websites, etc.

It helps to find and make contact with experienced, professional and successful professionals who have some weight in the market. These employees are the most popular, so they can at any time to get a job offer in another company. If you are interested in hedhanterov, sooner or later you hear a phone call, and a pleasant voice on the phone asks you if you do not consider a move to a more promising position at another company. If for some reason interested in changing jobs, you can intentionally get into the field of view hedhanterov. The most effective way to draw attention to themselves – a public activity. Employees, often mentioned in the press regularly participating in conferences and forums, attend business training, it is easy to see, so they hedhanterov treated in the first place.

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