Governing Law

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Very similar to Step 3 Evolution of the Soul. "JUS BIG" – an awl in a sack can not hide, manifestation of the experience of past life. The whole experience of man in previous life, they will be manifested in the life of this (in character traits, abilities, etc.). "LITTLE YUS" is very similar to the previous character, it adds only "HE", therefore, logical to understand how the whole experience a past life (as well as life Ancestors) can be recycled and improved in the course of this, and then show the world in the next life. "" is also a three-dimensional sign.

Unity in Reveal, which was originally created in the Navi and Governing Law. Or more simply: in the spiritual world to the same law, subject to the laws of the higher worlds, the spiritual world is the mediator and the conduit between the university world and the material. And well-being is determined by understanding its place in the device in the world. The very name of the letter: and Mrs., ca – unity with the harmony of life, evolution. Everyone knows "message"-an acrostic formed on the basis of the Cyrillic alphabet (although the names of the letters kept home from Glagolitic). Alas, an image which is Glagolitic letter, a word taken from the modern Russian language, include more than difficult, so try to collect descriptions of images together: Man beings of spiritual development, preserves and gain experience of the Spirit, changing the material world and manifesting itself in him.

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