Gabriel Pradal Gomez

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PRADAL GABRIEL GOMEZ (1891-1965) A Gabriel Pradal, one of the intellectual workers struggling from the field of socialism for the emancipation of humanity. Pablo Iglesias. THE voice with HONDA emotion aesthetics the October 29 2004 a remembrance ceremony was held in the Ministry of housing and desagravio 83 architects who were punished for their loyalty to the democratic Spain following Franco’s victory, with the Superior Council of colleges of architects of Spain resarcia architects purged in their professional practice. With the shameful and ignominious records of debugging sociopolitical, published in 1940, colleges of architects themselves fined to the red side professionals, including Pradal Gabriel Gomez, who was sanctioned with perpetual profession in charge public, official and trusted ineligibility and disqualification for the private practice of the profession for thirty years. However, Pradal represented, brilliantly colleagues exiled in the first Congress of the Union International of Architects (UIA) which was held in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1948.

The architect, journalist, politician and trade unionist Socialist Pradal Gabriel Gomez was born on September 21, 1891 in Almeria and died in Toulouse, France, on September 16, 1965. Son of a draughtsman, was the eldest of thirteen children. In 1911 he went to Madrid to study architecture at the same time which offered tutoring in mathematics and physics. By then already wrote press articles especially of social criticism that used to sign with the pseudonym of Pericles Garcia and poems, some of which were published in the Radical Republican newspaper, such as the burial of the flowers and the echo of the forest, in 1911, and the pigeons in 1913. After a process of rapprochement to the Spanish workers Socialist Party (PSOE), he joined in 1919. Finished his studies he worked as city architect in the city of Madrid. In July 1921 he contracted marriage with Mercedes Rodriguez Perez. On April 20, 1931, published an article in the journal Justice of Almeria, in which he said: after a few hours of restlessness that pointed the omen of tragedy, has been implanted in Spain the Republic with serenity and promising optimism of a sunrise.

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