For Hobbes

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They follow below, some authors who had intermediated the phase between Maquiavel and Marx, all trying to explain the essence of politics at each specific time. For Hobbes, the man is the wolf of the man the sovereign, the king absolutist. The ticket of the natural state for the state politician, good characterized in its workmanship the Leviat. In Leviat, Hobbes clearly leaves that the function of that withholds the power is to defend the property of its subordinate and, to make with that its norms and laws are fulfilled by all, for this creates mechanisms that make with that all fulfill with the norms coercitive sanctions. Lock, to arrive in its definitions and teses regarding the institutions politics, also part of the natural state, however differs from Hobbes for considering the man in this natural phase a good individual. In accordance with the thesis of Lock, would be the right the limitless property proceeding from the accumulation of currency and money respected and the society it continues good, one becomes necessary the use of laws and norms for a power politician.

The light of the philosophy of Rousseau, the nature state would be the convivncia of all the men in one determined collective region, existing harmony and pacifism between the individuals. This state would finish in the occasion where it would start to exist the private property, the ownership of the land would imply the creation of the state of society, analogous to the natural state of Hobbes, all against all. Marx sample that the exercise politician is not more than what the legal and legal way for which the ruling class keeps its ideology and its supremacy of social control. In the marxist conception, the civil society is conceived as the set of the relations that the economic process organizes, carrying through it by means of the social institutions.

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