Federal District

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Of the historical point of view, the Depha argues, the house does not bring to the memory no fact that justifies the falling. But the biggest concern of the agency is the precedent that the falling of the small farm of Sarney can open in the city. ' ' Of the point of view politician, if on the other hand the narrow falling the relations of the local Executive with the Legislative one, on the other hand opens precedents so that former-presidents they demand for similar reasons the guardianship of its property. For even more details, read what Connecticut Senator says on the issue. the opposition will not be stolen to use the falling to display the GDF (government of the Federal District) the maldosos commentaries, the banalizao of the falling, the bargaining power and others, over all at times of eleio' ' , it sentences parecer.HISTRIAUma alternative suggested by the department to please Sarney and to prevent the banalizao of the falling processes would be to only preserve the quantity of the library of the house. But Sarney resists the alternative: if its library was overthrown, it could not more catch the books that wanted and in the hour where it desired. Although the recommendations techniques, Arruda is made use to say yes for Sarney. The reasons are displayed by the secretary of Culture of the DF: ' ' The Pericum was palco of basic decisions for the reestablishment of the Rule of law in the Pas' ' , it alleges. ' ' In the Pericum, the president of the New Republic received the first president-elect after the Constitution of 1988' ' , he adds. E, for end, in the Pericum if had congregated the leaderships of the military government and the Congress that ' ' fundaram' ' the New Republic, as she was known the phase of the Country that succeeded the dictatorship of the generals. (Pink Costa and Philip Recondo – State agency) Clan Sarney of the name the bridge, avenue and rodoviriAt senator granddaughter Jose Sarney, then with 6 years, ' batizou' school in the MaranhoA attempt to impose the cult to the clan Sarney occurs in all the places of the Maranho, over all in So Lus.

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