Everyday Life

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If you are tired from the monotony of work, people, if two days off a week you have a little, and in the yard in the heat of summer – it's time to relax for real. There are many ways to relax: at home, in peace and tranquility, in the country, where, perhaps you see yourself every week, in a circle of friends who have not seen year to go somewhere Stop! And why not go for a couple of weeks to unwind and forget about all the work and home affairs, restore power, and simultaneously improve health? Usually, going south, we think about the rest as a pastime for days on some beach with the setting in the sea a little swim. Not at all, Anapa you can give a much more pleasant experience and memories. So, a little bit about how and where you can relax. Cote d'Azur Anapa year already attracts thousands of tourists. Sea, sun, sand, nice relaxed people, and a full spa life what else is needed for a good rest City – a resort of Anapa is growing rapidly, and amenities are improving with each passing year. Anapa is constantly in a whirl of events – the film festival Kinoshock, exhibitions, cycling and surfing contests, yachting regattas, numerous discos, performances of Russian stars. The first impression from Anapa – a tiny town on the Black Sea coast, which seems to be possible to circumvent an hour. Nevertheless, in this city of more than 300 recreation centers and children's camps, 150 major hotels and recreational complexes.

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