Environmental Issues

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The Prime Minister proposed to strengthen the penalties for pollution of the environment. Vladimir Putin also said that Russian authorities plan to step up more fruitful and active cooperation with environmental organizations. Ministry of Natural Resources will pay for drivers for old cars of the Russian Federation Ministry of Environment is preparing a draft government decree that provides for issuance of a certificate in denomination of 50 rubles to motorists who choose to surrender to scrap their old car. According to the Minister of Nature Yuri Trutnev, use a certificate will be possible only when purchasing a new vehicle produced domestically. With the proposal to introduce in Russia 'Award for scrap' in March this year, joined by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The problem of old cars that pollute the air of Russian cities, is highly relevant in the country. Because now Russia almost half of the domestic car fleet took 10 years and older, and nearly 400,000 vehicles registered in the traffic police, abandoned or dismantled.

We note that similar programs operating in Europe, already shown its effectiveness. In Germany, where motorists paid 2500 euros for a change of the old machine to new, only in June, sales rose 40 percent. France – seven per cent, while in Italy – 12 per cent. In Asia, found '' songbirds Australian scientists have discovered in Laos, a new, unique to the Asian region, type of songbirds, almost entirely devoid of feathers on his head. The bird belongs to the family thrushes and for his the sole representative of songbirds in Asia, devoid of feathers.

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