Educate Or Domesticate

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Educate or domesticate? It is possible to ignore what education really means, but then we run the risk of taming our children and students. In fact, it is ignored in the family, school, media and government education means that education is the series of processes to create the character, the trial and increase the understanding of learners Unfortunately in Current school or a character, or a trial or increases intelligence. All it does is clutter of information to someone who is likely to use Domestication is the process of adapting the animal to a particular environment and that is exactly what the a educational with children. No one is quite well educated, nor no one is quite rude. We are all on a scale of gradients. What are the attributes of an educated person? Free, creative, leader, ethical, intelligent, communicative, entrepreneur, visionary.

It is difficult for an educated person is unemployed What are the characteristics of a domesticated? Passive, dependent, introverted, apathetic, obey blindly, it is probably not used to which the study. What are the signs of domestication in school? The plans and programs of study are conducted in a rigid manner, which does not mean quality education. He overwhelms the student with too much information that has no practical value in his life. The teacher speaks for the whole class and the students just listen. The student is bored. The student does not make sense from time to memorize information, therefore not articulated with the life of this, unless the life of the future.

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