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LOVE TERCEIRIZADO With the purpose of awaking the attention of the familiar parents and for what it comes occurring throughout the years in our society, we go to say a little on education. In Brazil, the education is losing the meaning real, worse comes being ' ' terceirizada' ' , for the familiar parents and who leave its children in the education institutions as: Cei, cmei and schools, are public or private they, transferring to these institutions of education and its professionals the task to educate the children, what it does not fit they. To the education institutions it fits the alfabetizao and continued education; that is, to prepare the child for the convivncia in society and preparation for the work market. When consulting the ECA (Statute of the Child and the Adolescent), we will see that ' ' All child or adolescent has the right of being created and educated in the seio of its family, to the parents she fits the sustenance duty, she keeps and to education of the children menores' ' , education this that in the majority of the families, does not come occurring. The parents tell not to have available time to educate its children, due to overload of tasks as job and commitments that the same ones assume outside of house, to keep the sustenance of its families. If to talk with the pedagogical teams of the related institutions, the same ones in the daily convivncia with the pupils they observe and they tell that many pupils possess clothes and footwear of mark, toys and devices of the highest values. However, had to the conditions economic of diverse families and known by them due to daily convivncia, he would be almost that inaccessible, in view of the monthly expenditures as rent, feeding, light, water, amongst as much others.

He observes yourself that when arriving dates as: Christmas, Passover, anniversary and day of the children, the parents if unfold in efforts to presentear its children with objects desired in substitution of ' ' I you amo' ' , I hug of it, I fondle it, a smile, of a look, that in the truth is what plus them they want to hear. The parents they do not perceive that its children at least fifteen minutes of that moment dedicated themselves that dedicate the personal TV, Internet, academies, bars, or other tasks, would be demonstrating it its love to they, if they heard the stories of its children of as they had passed the day, exactly that hours later do not go to remember you are welcome, would not have so irritadias, aggressive children, affected liars, individualists or that unhappyly are a number each bigger time in our society, would not unconsciously load the pack of the guilt of the time lack and devotion, in contrast conscientiously if they would feel more good with proper them, they would become one day of arduous and estressante work at moments relaxante of affection and love for all. They would have children emotionally in this way educated, healthful that they would become future in safe adults. The family is to the base of everything, if the child has an emotionally structuralized family, she will not feel lack of the clothes of the fashion and of the object that she saw in the TV, future a conscientious adult of its paper will become in the society and with values defined between the certain the made a mistake one well, the being and having, between who it is and who wants to be.

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