Diplomacy Tarot

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When diplomacy does not achieve the desired results, is the time for which the Knight of swords Act, and the lo hara by the violent way. But violence does not refer necessarily to brutality physics, in the case of this Arcanum of the tarot, but a sudden and hostile movement which may be seen as a threat to many people. And even when they do not feel threatened, the actions of the Knight of swords will make do with greater caution than usual. The Knight of swords has no minor consideration by emotions, so if the consultant is in a situation in your life where you need to make a radical change, this letter from tarot tells you that be imperative to do what is necessary, with a heart strong and determined. Generally, when this tarot card refers to an event, what does is highlight the sudden nature of the same. It is something that come or happen unexpectedly, but now this consultant warned. This is a letter that has great relationship with politics, and often reflects the resignation of a political leader, or the start of a new mission. He be represented by this Knight proceed without any consideration with the emotions.

It is not not have emotions or feelings, but that duty suppressing them, because the events require that so. The heart is the center of compassion, and also is the center of fear, is why the Knight of swords does not take into account what happens in your heart, because the always work without even imagining that may be defeated. This person has a great self-confidence, that knows exactly what he wants, and how to get it but need to warn, as with all Tarot decks, swords can hurt both who wields them to who receives blows, therefore be indispensable to appeal to the greater understanding of the events to make sure that the action fast to the Knight of swords proposes is not a retrieved triumph with further deterioration to the winner for the vanquished. The Jack of Spades never give reverse out of fear, which turn it into a pillar of strength. The powerful energy of this arcane tells us that we will have the strength to prevail, and also the determination. The Love Tarot meaning of the ACE of cups Articles La Torre in the Gypsy tarot Tarot Gitano message of Tarot cards, neither so simple nor so complex letters of the tarot & intuition The Tarot cards and Tarot Gitano intuition Articles the intuition and the Tarot cards Articles

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