Diaspora Affairs

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And all this is being sought culprits of these disasters, which must be outside the country. New culprits were found easily in the form of wealthy Georgians in Russia. In fact, Georgian emigration today – is largely an escape from a bad life, and create a good application by their own forces in the country can not. Wealthy Georgians in Russia was now almost more than in Georgia, and the film castigates them for "treason and complicity with the Russian political elite." This promotional tape called "The Georgians against Georgia," but in fact the Georgians are, generally speaking, opposed to those Georgians who are trying to Georgia changed for the worse. And they understand that the path runs through Georgia, and even beneficial cooperation with its neighbors and the rest of the world, but above all with Russia, war and loss of new territories would not have happened if Georgian leaders have managed to avoid not necessarily militant rhetoric. In other words, in Georgia and abroad continues vnutrigruzinskaya political war, and without the participation of other ethnic groups – not less than the indigenous people of the country where they live for centuries and whose ancestors have at least a solid contribution to the development of Georgia as the historical, economic and cultural phenomenon. They are not trying to be excluded or too cautious, and do not interfere with the ethical considerations.

Such is the tradition of Western democratic reality, by the way, not clear. They do not participate in the government – for small and not very important exception, they are not many political parties, they are not particularly represented in the parliament – except that on a regional quota for the observance of democratic rules, and generally anything they do not ask. So where to intervene? They are even very talented and worthy of comment, simply can not understand. A more expensive, they say. If a person who as a historian and archaeologist, occupying the post of Minister for Diaspora Affairs (President came up with this structure to bring the Georgians living abroad to the socio-political life and movement to support the Georgian government), calls the Georgian Azerbaijanis and Armenians Diaspora, what can be said with such a government? Only the Georgians and Abkhazians, he says, out of place for the political moment, and duplicating, recalling the nationalist thesis 20 years ago, are traditionally and historically the local population. This, with the permission say, a scientist, won the sympathy of the president, when he began to praise him after the violent dispersal of demonstrators with tear gas and rubber bullets in November 2007, and shortly thereafter the president made him a minister. Now Yulon Gagoshidze ceased to be a minister after his ridiculous statements, but Saakashvili did not want to part with such a man loyal to him, and therefore appointed him director of the Center under the President of Georgia arhelogii. Why do I need carry such a center president – is another question. So, listen to the authorities often the voices of socially and politically unclaimed citizens, and less would have been in the country's problems.

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