Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk: Decided Against Any Form Of Racism

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The international week against racism 2013 calls the German children’s Fund at the start of the international week against racism to 2013, to tackle resolutely against any form of racism in Germany. It must be able to dry out the breeding ground for racism more than ever. Racist attitudes violate human rights and must be outlawed. The experience of xenophobia affected profoundly the development of an adolescent. Therefore, it is for the Germans to allow children’s charity to the core tasks of policy here decided to proceed and all children in Germany to take part in the shaping of society on an equal footing”stresses the President of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk, Thomas Kruger. The German children’s Fund also supports the international week against racism 2013 as a cooperation partner. The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk committed, to grant the same rights on the basis of the UN Convention on the rights of the child, all children and young people in Germany. These include in particular the Right to education and the granting of the same social rights.

For, it must be an adaptation of a series of laws in the asylum, residence and social from perspective of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk. The primacy of the child’s welfare must also apply to refugee children according to the UN Convention on the rights of the child. This priority is violated by many laws, such as the asylum seekers power law and a series of school laws of the countries. By these laws, refugee children in the granting of social and medical services, but also in the question of compulsory education are worse off than other children. The year’s international week against Racism held from March 11 to 24. With more than 70 national organizations and institutions including the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk Council in Germany urges the intercultural, to participate in the action weeks and to sign against racism. The nationwide calendar of events lists over 1100 events in nearly 300 cities and towns.

Be offered in addition to Project days and project weeks in schools, colleges and other educational institutions a wide range of information stands in pedestrian zones, as well as seminars on the political education or discussions.

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