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The first maintenance (TO-1) also works daily maintenance and work under the lubrication chart, perform the following operations. On the engine: – check radiator mount and engine mounts – tighten the nut and flange carb intake pipe muffler, check the action (opening, closing) and the absence of jamming in the drive the throttle and choke the carburetor – check the tightness of nuts bolts cylinder head (the engine is cold), regular, every 50 hours, this operation should be performed only during the first hours of the new Z00 engine, then the nuts tightened only in case of detection of the passage of water or gas – after sludge from the fuel filter sump through the drain plug – check mount the crankshaft pulley and the generator shaft. On power transfer: – check the clutch pedal free play, if necessary to make adjustments – to check the gearbox mount and the mechanism of reverse motion – check bolts flanges Cardan – tighten bolts semi axle – check the mounting axle to the frame – to verify the absence of a leak through the seal pinion gear, gearbox seals and plugs. On the mechanisms of governance: – check the amount of free pedal stroke braking and braking action, if necessary, make adjustments. – Check condition and security of attachment quadrant and lever parking brake system – to check and, if necessary, tighten the connection of steering levers and rods, and ball finger power steering – check the mounting gear casing to the chassis frame, pitman shaft and a glass of steering trapezoid – Check the work of steering when you turn the wheel in both directions and if necessary adjusted. On suspension and chassis: – check the back of the beam and, if necessary, tighten the nut stepladders its attachment to the plate – check Locking axle rear suspension – check the mounting counterweight (bumper). Electricians: – clean the battery from the dirt, cleaning the vents, check the attachment and battery status (level and specific gravity) and, if necessary, top up with distilled water – check the mounting starter to flywheel and tighten bolts generator – check the status and fixing electrical wires and terminals, focusing on the connections of mass wire relay controller. High voltage wires with damaged insulation replace – remove the lid dispenser plugs, carefully wipe it inside and out with a cloth soaked in clean gasoline; inspect the cap and the slider. By forklift and drive: – inspect forklift, make sure that no damage to welds and reliability of all fixtures – carefully examine all the pipe joints, make sure that no damage hoses, hoses in good repair and reinforcement in the absence of external hydraulic fluid leakage – check mounting hydraulic pumps, gear drive them, as well as flange bolts cardan drive gear – to verify the absence of local overheating, hydraulic pumps at work, a malfunction of the states these sites.

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