Communist Manifesto

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for Liga of the Communists, private society that existed of long data' ' (ENGELS, 1943, 9). He enters the years of 1847 and the 48 friends Marx and Engels write the Communist Manifesto the order of Communist Liga, where if the objectives of Liga would explicitariam and if they would invoke workers of the world for one fight common against the capital. In way to the Spring it Peoples you raise, them of 1848, Marx is I banish from Brussels and returns for Colony in Germany, where he establishes with Engels the New Renana Gazette, periodic that, as the proper Engels (1943), supported the point of view of the proletariat, in which he writes you criticize the government place. Being again I banish from Germany, on account from its ativismo politician, Marx returns for Paris, where it is for little time, since the revolutionary movements were loosers for the Europe, Marx and family had had one more time of if moving, of this time for London in the year of 1849, where more it did not leave. There, ' ' Mouro' ' , ' ' … lives deeply of close the existence to a diligent classroom truily developed and a way of production really capitalista' ' (RODRIGUES, 2011, 17). He is in London that Marx will go to write its texts marcadamente politicians, as the Eighteen Brumrio de Lus Bonaparte of 1852 Civil war in the France of 1872; in the first one it weighs the antolgica citation: ' ' The men make its proper History, but they do not make it in an only block, the conditions chosen for them, and yes in conditions immediately preset, given and inherited. The tradition of all the generations deceased weighs as a nightmare in the brains of the livings creature … the social revolution of century XIX cannot take off its poetry of the past, only of the future …

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