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Of course, after long life of this guy annoying, and so he quickly podpryagaet 'salabona' (ie someone who has half a year is not otpahal) Private Doe, who ordered the very fate of arm cloth and broom. In general, everything is normal, as newcomers supposed to work hard, but in recent months, the service will not be marred by dirty work. Also 'grandfathers' may be ordered to run to the dining room for sugar and bread or peel the potatoes. Remove snow also will not, sit down, smoke, while new recruits will all be removed. Do not worry, guys, this is all legitimate claims and throw then you'd better not. In addition to this 'nenasilnomu dedovstvu' and include the above-mentioned mentoring as junior in rank 'Old people' teach youngsters everything they know in terms of service, forcing the muscles to pump up sportgorodke (without making something!) And follow the appearance of recruits (whether polished boots, and sewed a clean collar, etc.). This kind of hazing, even useful, many soldiers have served, who ever talk, they say that hazing is held in the whole army.

At what, we note that not all bullying is bad. Well, a bit of a third form, which is the most rigorous kind of hazing – the dictatorship of the 'grandfathers'. Frequent beatings, humiliation sophisticated, terror, often disguised as training new recruits (push-ups to create a loss for a long crawl in mask), a mockery of human dignity and the enforcement services 'grandfathers' (washing socks, up to combat duty 'grandfather'). Hazing and officers. Alas, most of the officers belong to this indifference to what happens in their absence in the barracks. Hazing officer and little benefit, because senior soldiers always will control the whole situation with the recruits as they will stick. Collegiate Lt. always able to support the collective good hazing of the first type, preventing attempts to abuse.

There are instances that are hard fights with any type of bullying (even easier) and forced to live strictly according to the composition charter. 'Grandfathers' clasps hooks straighten metal plates, require them to wash their floors on a par with 'salabonami' … In general, the officers – this is a weak defense against bullying, and those who knock, usually gets more blows. Their problems try to solve on their own, taking note of the above described words.

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