City of Monterrey

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Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the city of Monterrey has a mayor unparalleled in the modern history of Nuevo Leon. He has a disability in speech that has gone beyond, is historian, unmarried, stubborn, young and hard-working for your project: wants to be Governor of Nuevo Leon. Adalberto Madero Quiroga is mesmerized with the goal of being the candidate of the national action party for the governorship again Leon in the next elections in 2009. Back in 1997, a Sunday morning knocked on the door of the Department that lived, was a group of pan with the flag on his shoulder and a lady spoke by candidate Madero: the is Adalberto Madero, but has a problem in speech, what does not prevent to be its representative in the local Congress. Ode (Hello) babbled the political future that is now popularly known as madedito.

During the election day of that time, I counted four times in that pan members, headed by Madero group were to visit us to our Department. This is stubborn, I thought. And so it has been. He arrived in the Congress of Nuevo Leon and broke writing books of our State’s history. Hence he became a federal deputation and already encarrerado, the upcoming election faced at internal featured pan for the nomination to the Senate. He won them.

The popular madedito swept with delegates and left the Pan always perplexed. Madero has been writing its own history with stubborn ink and his ambition has grown rapidly. He not surprised to be submit to internal pages for Mayor of the important city of Monterrey. He also won. People’s sympathy cleaveth because it will walk House to House. Share the tacos and sometimes turns to sleep in some humble dwelling. As Mayor, outside office hours, visit ranches, ejidos, municipal capitals. Always on foot, always waving, winning people. Offers scholarships for students rejected, work for the disabled, medical care for those who have less. It is a headache for his party that there is no and stop it. Because it would be like trying to stop a train that started in 1997 and that eleven years later has become an invincible locomotive. Refers to a high level of corruption and complicity, which I will address in another collaboration. For one thing there is: unstoppable, stubborn, young, mesmerized by the power and with a resume of impressive electoral victories. A rival to the height of the same President of the Republic, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa. Perhaps the only one who can stop it. To the carrier is worth it bears repeating the joke on Madero. He hears. my friend, this mayor won’t go out as rat as the others. Who knows: already stole the original author r and source of the article.

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