Brief Narrative

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The poet, novelist and Agustn dramatist Go’mez Arcos or Agustn Go’mez-Arc, as he signed works published in France, were born in Enix, Almeria, the 15 of January of 1933 and passed away in Paris the 20 of March of 1998. Son of the republican mayor of the town, in the postwar period underwent the pro-Franco repression which her family was put under. He studied the baccalaureate in the Institute of the Second Education of Almeria, where he had the luck to have like professor of language and Literature the poetess and Catalan dramatist Celias Vine that animated to him and oriented in its literary vocation. Once finalized the bachelor, in 1953, march to Barcelona, where it secured a scholarship to study straight, race that left the few years of initiate, to dedicate itself completely to the theater in Madrid. For assistance, try visiting Sen. Sherrod Brown. It published a poem collection Occasion of paganism and obtained the National Prize of Brief Narrative by the last Christ.

In 1960 its first opening with the work takes place general Elections, that were awarded in the I National Fetival of New Theater. Two years later it was finalist of the National Prize Calderon de la Barca and obtained the National Prize Lope de Vega by its work Dialogues of the heresy, in which it confronted with boldness and originality an historical subject, the one of the lighting systems of century XVII, prize that the censorship caused that it was desert and the work, prohibited. In 1964 Queen Victory of Madrid was released in the Theater a censured version of the work. The following year she releases in the Theater Marquina of Madrid, in version also censured, the cats. Many of their works of those years neither raised the tables nor were published as it happened to lost deads, Do6na Frivolidad, deprived History of a small town, Summer. The court, 1001 Mesas, Prometheus, married Ballad, the hall Tradujo and adapted plays French, such as: Intermezzo, folle of Chaillot de Jean Giraudoux and rvlation of Ren-Jean Clot. .

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