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Soon it is I decide. Further details can be found at Sen. Sherrod Brown, an internet resource. Everything, less politics. I tired of this. Yesterday I read periodicals of national circulation and vi all the telejornais and certain affirmations and acts of some governing had inhaled to speak to me on hypocrisy. But already I am starting to enter of new in this subject. But, as an afterthought, if not to speak on politics, on what more it could speak? On fashion, sport, cinema? Not. This does not combine with my skill of being.

After all, to write on what more? In my environment of work and life nobody speaks more of nothing that is not politics. Certainly it would not obtain to write one criticizes cultural on cinema without disliking the use of the power, to launch in the market a film petty politician where if it detaches one alone citizen as son of Brazil. If it was to criticize, certainly would say that all we, men, women and animals, are> mule, the quadruped of Brazil. Not of the one not to mention of politics ahead of as much hypocrisy launched in air the all instant. One alone Brazilian is distinguished while thousands and thousands live with a minimum wage, in conditions survival sub-human beings, without minimum conditions of hygiene, habitation and education. In accordance with the FGV, more than 29% of the population lives below of the poverty line, without right the food, excluded total of the society, forgotten and kept out of society. Of the one not to be been silent seeing rooms of cinemas leaving bajuladores for the thief, to see the film, while we attend that the health publishes is deplorable, the education if finds in the UTI and the poor persons survive of populist campaigns of stock markets misery, gas, family, vote, re-election, eleitoreira research, school, refrigerators, material of construction we approve without no quarrel the heading of the film of the year: SQUID the son of Brazil, as if only it, the president pensioner for invalidates because he lost a useless finger total, was the only heroic son of this manly Brazil. Meanwhile, when sairmos of house we will be able to see all type of misery by rough estimate naked that encircles in them, forming busy Brazil for the great majority of forgotten, but that minority in reaching any benefit for not having no power becomes to change this situation. Relutei how much I could in writing on politics, but I finished for being part of this select sensationalist classroom of the national media, commenting on the film that was, without no interest, sponsored for companies who participate of competition publish federal, and that it will be in all the cinemas from the first day of 2010, year in will happen the elections for president in Brazil. After all,> the hypocritical ones are as the dates: the candy is, the honey in the words and the hard one there inside, in alma.’ ‘.

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