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The man is on the way to the God’s self-recognition. Here, I would stress once again strongly that everything is one in last Konsequenz and separation only in our perception exists. This means that God experience is always also human experience and of course vice versa. That so any experience which makes a human being, at the same time is an experience, that makes God. Put it another way, this means, what experiences the individual as solches, is an experience of the collective also simultaneously and demnach one not to detach individual and as a collective experience.

Which of course makes the logical inference when individual and collective, if man and God are one, is also in both the source of the original creative contain equivalent. Here are both creator and creation at the same time participate directly or indirectly in the creative design process and are consequently voting and fully responsible designers and designer in the references on all existing Phenomena. And from the essence, in both as acts, is about framing, is evolving, which is growing steadily, live and dies, its origin and therefore its uneingeschrankte permission and his divine, lively sense. This fundamental sense, the absolute perfection, which is therefore included in all permits only the logical conclusion as necessary gedanklichen step, really without diRECtion any human experience on an equal footing is an experience of God, and God is thus zwangslaufig even learns in any human experience. In other words, each experience = God experience. And related to human experience, on his collection of information, as well as on the acquisition of Bewusstheiten, we can bezeichnen, if we apply this formula, just all that as God’s show. If you are not convinced, visit Amazon. So generally establish the assertion, that our obtaining of knowledge and especially in regard to the creation of self knowledge, just the awareness itself. which is therefore Yes all essential characteristic, nothing else is, that God looks through the eyes of the people even in the face.

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