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How you control specifically large amounts of traffic to your websites to generate Internet sales traffic is required. One way is the use of autoresponders. Autoresponders can be 100% automated and can also changes to mailing lists, Unzustellbarkeits – or out of Office messages, thank you letters, download links, in addition to the confirmation of order operations send memories or passwords. They can be programmed almost for every situation and enjoy increasing popularity. An autoresponder manages the complete automatic sending of emails to your prospective customers or visitors to your Web site. The tool is visible on a website, but runs in the background on autopilot.

If a prospective buyer enlists such as in a newsletter, this will receive a confirmation email sent by autoresponder. Text, subject line, and Versandtkriterien are adjustable for most autoresponder tools. The decisive advantage of these automatic emails is however, that you have in the run-up to a series of emails before text can (E.g. for the next 3 months every 2 days) and so on autopilot can direct traffic to any Web pages or Affiliateangebote. Thus, you increase the probability of a further visit and thus your sales significantly. Many of the major autoresponder tools offer more so-called split test functions with which you can test out different subject lines and so improve the opening and click-through rates. More benefits of automated autoresponders newsletter system, which as many email series and subsequent emails are creatable automatic Abonenntenverwaltung Spamfreie delivery by white Lising of the large providers unlimited many lists, domains, projects creatable easy integration into any Web page customer recovery and strong loyalty customers return again and again on their sites back more traffic, more sales, better selling opportunity and targeted follow-up possible unlimited personalization (salutation, Name, etc.) possible lightning shipping – thousands emails in Minutes Minutengenauer, automatic email sending any attachments with each message possible comprehensive statistics at the major providers almost 100% automation possible – system is running while you sleep RSS-2-email function with the major providers (when new blog posts an email to all subscribers automatically goes out almost only way of traffic recycling autoresponder services there are some on the Internet.) The big vendors are recommended here, as this most webbassiert work (you control the whole system via a Web interface and are thus geographically independent) and “gewhitelistet” (sent emails are not filtered etc. large Web mailers such as AOL,, GMX, Telekom by the spam filter. They are “white” and be assimilated to). For you as Infomarketer or webmaster this is of course there so more emails are delivered, as a result, more users open the emails, thus more people click on the links and ultimately more user of advantage, the corresponding landing pages and offers, derive what ultimately leads to more traffic.

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